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    SOS. Need help with resto geming for pvp/arena

    Buenos to all spiritual leaders of Azeroth.

    Now lets get to the case. I got this new arena partner. Obviously a resto druid (Im a warr). I really
    like this guy and we have loads of fun in the arenas. One thing I noticed is my partners geming.
    For what I can tell he gems correctly Pve wise but I need some input on what you guys gem
    for in Pvp/Arena. Got shit loads of gems and I really want to help him out on this part. So my question
    is how you would gem? Thumb rules whatever.

    All inputs are apriciated.

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    Re: SOS. Need help with resto geming for pvp/arena

    It kind of depends what the rest of his gear is like, and what rating you're playing at. In general though there are a few things you want to aim for:
    1. Spell hit cap (at least 4%, ideally 6% to counter classes / races with extra 2% spell avoidance)
    2. Spell penetration cap (75 to counter MOTW; cloak ench and 3x Mysterious Dreadstone gives you 74 which is good enough)
    3. 800+ resilience (personally I think 1000+, but generally guides suggest 800; mostly comes from gear, but if you're under 800 I'd be gemming for it too)
    4. 2500+ SP (this just comes with gear)

    I play 2v2 with a warrior and we just broke 1900. I sit with ~1200 resil, ~2800 SP, 25k HP.

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    Re: SOS. Need help with resto geming for pvp/arena

    Run with 75 spell pen and hit cap.

    I run with


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