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    Shadow Priest vs Ulduar Bosses

    Just thought I'd share these with my fellow Priests. Here are a collection of videos showing what it's like to be a Shadow Priest in Ulduar and other raid instances I'll add more videos as they come. Enjoy! (A lot of these were taken during early attempts so things may seem sloppy at times).

    Ulduar Heroic (25man)

    XT-002 Deconstructor

    Ulduar Normal (10man)

    Ignis the Furnace Master

    Other Raids

    Emalon the Storm Watcher
    Sapphiron Heroic
    Shadow Priest in Wintergrasp
    Malygos 6 min Achievement

    Currently Working on:

    Yogg-Saron (Ulduar 10 man)
    Auriaya (Ulduar 10 man)

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    Re: Shadow Priest vs Ulduar Bosses


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