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    Re: Opinion on Spriest

    it's all just too sad

    've become disc finally.

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    Re: Opinion on Spriest

    Quote Originally Posted by Strykzor
    Why so cut?
    I know my class, you don't.
    I have the ability to actually understand my class and not preach what is posted from which is usually 99% crap.
    I play to be Elitist, 2nd best is not good enough.
    You're light years from 2nd best. Also, don't preach to a better player about knowing the class, go to school and learn some maths before trying to act smart again. Now shoo, don't talk to me again unless you learned how much 1 +1 is.

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    Re: Opinion on Spriest

    Quote Originally Posted by Tarien
    Yes, Patchwerk does have BL/Heroism up for a large portion of time, but this affects everyone in the raid and not just the shadow priest. Admittedly some classes will benefit from haste more than others, which brings me around to this handy link someone posted earlier:

    Here are averages for every Ulduar fight using more data than you can shake a stick at, unless I am misreading something.

    I am very happy that you are doing well in your guild, maybe you tell us to look inwards and we're the reason for low DPS, maybe I could point at your guild members and query why they are struggling to beat a class that according to the trends shown in the link above, should not be hard to beat. On no boss are we higher than 3rd, and yet druids and death knights, hybrid classes, are in 2nd and first positions on some fights. For five of the boss fights shown we are 2nd from bottom or bottom.

    I have been a shadow priest a very long time now, I know that we have an excellent community, possibly even the most well organized of any spec or class. Our gear is meticulously listed on, where you will also find a great wealth of information on specs, rotations, theorycrafting and more. Many of my fellow shadowpriests are remarkably well informed about their class.

    So my question is, despite the figures provided by wowmeteronline and the excellent community I am sure we all know exists, why do people persist with the idea that we are fine? If some of you are doing well and topping meters consistently, you are either a very small minority of exceptional players, or more likely just in a guild where you are a better player than most.

    The way the game is now, we shouldn't be topping meters (if all players are of equal skill). But as I see it, there is no significant justification for why we are being prevented from doing so.
    I could poke sooo manyholes in the sample data from wowmetersonline it's not funny... just utilising an average of the top 50dps encounters is:

    1. Not even remotely close to a large enough sample size
    2. Not a random sample and if you ever study statistics you'd know any sample not truly random is corrupt data
    3. Fails to show what role each class played, what gear the respective members were wearing, what buffs they had access to

    That's just a few things but irrespective of the fact the data is somewhat flawed the data doesn't prove any point that shadow dps is low. We are ranked 2nd for Yogg-Saron, 3rd for General Vezax... if you go through the list you notice we are ranked above other dps casters for some encounters and not for others. And then when you look at the spread of scores, even if we are behind, its by 100 dps or some insignificant number.

    Again if you're doing poorly in your respective raid/group... there is more to gain by playing your class better than asking Blizzard for buffs we don't require... i'll point out a gain that simcraft lists us as the 4th highest dps class (again based on some information that could produce a slightly misleading report) and I've yet to see anything in my experiences of uld that makes me feel I can't at worst compete with other dps.

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    Re: Opinion on Spriest

    im perfectly happy with my spriest and how things have turned out thus far.. i remember the QQ before wrath came out about how ppl were deleting their priests because their 'main roll' was gone and that they wouldnt be used anymore blablabla. Well i hope those people feel dumb if they did delete their priest cuz they are quite good. Yeah we dont put out as much dps as a lock/mage/hunter.. were not supposed to, were a hybrid class and they are pure dps. And until you all realize that the qq will continue. Our dps is very gear dependent unlike some classes who can have blues on and put out over 3k dps. I dont know about the rest of you but in 25man raids im pushing 35-4200 dps on most fights, depending on how much running around you have to do. And i dont even have BIS items in most slots. I keep up fine w/ rogues and ret pallys and other classes.

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