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    How accurate is guess absorb in recount

    Hi just started raiding on my disc preist recently with the guess absorb addon to recount, while my healing done is often bottom of the pack for our healers when added with the guess absorb for my da and pw s it has been tops on almost every fight. i was just wondering if this is pretty accurate as far as determining overall dmg prevented+ healed.

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    Re: How accurate is guess absorb in recount

    I found that it's very inaccurate, but it's been a little since I had it on or checked it. But it was giving the Holy Priest divine aegis procs.
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    Re: How accurate is guess absorb in recount

    From my experience it's not the best thing, but it's pretty damn good imo, but sometimes it gives DA proc to the holy priests.
    But i like it, it's not really to be shown in the raid (unless your the only priest there so you know all the absorbed damg came from you ) but more of a meter for yourself, if you know that the other priests didn't cast any shields or just a a few shield you can add their numbers to your own and see how much your shields and DA absorbed, for the paladins, it shows their sacred shield absorb.
    sometimes it even shows absorb for Guardian Spirit

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    Re: How accurate is guess absorb in recount

    I tested also the modified recount though it sucks... if there is better version of it paste link or something.

    My guildies submitted some log(s) from raids to wow meter online site and this shows up really good data on how u kept renewed hope up on tanks how much they migitate dmg, etc. Wow web stats is other similar site. There you can analyze your playing and maybe improve something.

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