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    Advice please :D

    Just started to level my priest again and have bought the BoA shoulders i have also got enough badges for another BoA item but not sure which 1 to get, either the trinket or the mace. Also should i level shadow (currently level 22) or go Disc for some extra survivability?
    Any advice would be awesome.

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    Re: Advice please :D

    Get the staff.
    Level as shadow, it's simply the fastest method. Some will argue and say go Disc, but honestly - if you want to reach 80 fast - shadow is faster.

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    Re: Advice please :D

    Staff, hands down. I actually leveled as a disc spec with three points in Spirit Tap because I was leveling a DK alongside the priest and got to utilize Disc's healing while running instances through rested xp [most effective exp/time method] and then questing/soloing the other times.

    Spriests definately last longer terms of mana and put out more damage but I enjoyed the survivability of disc myself. The above poster's right when he said Shadow's quicker though.

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    Re: Advice please :D

    Quote Originally Posted by nightrise
    I'd go with this:


    More damage is better than +hit while you're levelling I would say. You aren't likely to be attacking many mobs that are significantly higher in level than you are, Shadow Focus is more a raid talent.

    Also, find an enchanter who can do the old Molten Core [Enchant Weapon - Spell Power]. It's relatively cheap, I have both the staff and the enchant on my mage and he is happily zooming through the levels ;D
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    Re: Advice please :D

    Pass on improved spirit tap for now you wont be getting enough MB crits to justify it go for shadow focus for the reduced mana and the hit is just bonus, imp mind blast is a waste to go deep into imo since your leveling rotation should not need more than the first 1 you cast

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    Re: Advice please :D

    Go with shadow, will help alot. Unlike me who leveled from 1-68 as holy...

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    Re: Advice please :D

    I leved to 70 as Shadow, and from 70 to 80 as Smite : ... personally i liked smite better ^^ but all as a matter of taste ... - though shadow is abit faster imo, smite is alot more fun ;P ....

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    Re: Advice please :D

    go with this: 0/0/13

    grab glyph of swain and you are all set.

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