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    Re: *Healing Bonus Ulduar +/-*

    Why on earth are so many people taking the tier 8.5 Holy helm instead of the shadow one as disc. ???

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    Re: *Healing Bonus Ulduar +/-*

    Quote Originally Posted by -Ethos-
    Why on earth are so many people taking the tier 8.5 Holy helm instead of the shadow one as disc. ???
    To me, the itemization on the pants seemed to be the weakest of the set versus competitive options.

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    Re: Healing Bonus Ulduar

    I healed ulduar10 as holy with 6 naxx 25 epix, rest blues.. only did 4 first bosses though..
    and we used 3 healers. didnt even get below 40 % mana >_>

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    Re: *Healing Bonus Ulduar +/-*

    Quote Originally Posted by Nezoia
    Also - Spellpower is a very bad benchmark for healing priests in general, (and holypriests in special). You don't ask your holypaladin what his manaregen is, it's almost equally silly to ask priests for their spellpower. It's "large enough" for all practical purposes almost regardless of gear.
    No , it's not.

    Because around 2000 spellpower will equal gear that have all the other necessary stats. Unless the OP is a complete retard that will ignore all other stats, something I doubt (those people don't ask questions).
    That may not be true in certain cases.

    That is not intended to be a showoff about my gear, but;

    I completely do not give a fuck about Spellpower, I try to avoid it, I have 36SP gained out of 9 Sockets, and just because I wanted the other half stat of the Orange ones, I didn't take +63SP on the MH, and still I have 2100SP unbuffed.

    2100 for certain people may be low or may be high, but, I also have 20500mana as Holy, 23.50% crit and 310 haste. This means that not even taking effort in stacking SP and prioritizing almost every other single stat, I can easily reach 2100.

    I guess the minimum SP is around 1800/1900.

    What the fuck is wrong with the rant above?

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    Re: Healing Bonus Ulduar

    I have been doing the opposite of you lately Izenhart, I have been stacking spellpower and I yet have to see my self struggeling with bad mana issues (Here by not saying that it is better, just telling I did things another way and trying to share my experience in a positive way)
    I guess the gear scales out pretty well on it's own and the way you socket/enchant is the biggest impact you can have on it yourself. :P

    Ontopic: It really is hard to give an estimate, as the guy in my guild who sorts the healing I almost always where to put different people depending on what I know they are able to do, some people can manage their tasks good with less gear, where somebody need the extra gear to compensate for the skill they lack compared to the 1st mentioned guys.
    People already wrote you some good numbers/answers so I wont confuse you anymore
    Goodluck with Ulduar anyhow
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    Re: *Healing Bonus Ulduar +/-*

    Quote Originally Posted by llDemonll
    guessing you are wrong?

    on topic: if you have good players in decent gear (at least naxx 10), they will be fine for whatever bosses you can get to in ulduar
    Did you see what you just wrote here? then take a real good look at it since i honestly don't think your entire raid is made up of healers, yet you put all responsibility on them.

    According to you, its totally fine if all dps gets it by shadow crash 24/7 and it's totally fine to stand near other ppl with the healing debuff and it's totally fine with the tank just trying to survive by tanking the surge of darkness buff on vex, cause it's no problem, the healers will take care of it all.

    IF you don't agree with the above then it's not ALL about how good the healers are.

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    Re: Healing Bonus Ulduar

    are you retarded? i said 'on topic' meaning in response to the OP. all they were asking was what the minimum required healing was to go into ulduar. i said nothing about healers carrying the entire raid. both of my statements were made (unlike yours) in relation to the OP's question, nothing about tanking or dps. i would assume if you are at the boss you have half-capable people who understand the concepts of avoiding things and the likes.

    if you would like to fail at trolling more plz tell me.
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    Re: Healing Bonus Ulduar

    According to your posts, your an elitis jerk and i'll leave it at that.

    And in regard to the OP i'd say 1.8k for 10 man and 2k for 25 man otherwise the other healers will carry you.

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