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    Bosses of IC

    what do you think the bosses will be in IC?
    my toughts
    Marwyn(theese 2 maybe in 1 encounter)
    fordragon/saurfang jr.

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    Re: Bosses of IC

    Original thread.

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    Re: Bosses of IC

    how about

    undead hogger as a rare pet drop from one of the IC bosses on normal
    no im not always gonna put in a lot of thought when i post
    and not all my posts are serious/true

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    Re: Bosses of IC

    There was alredy 2~3 topics like this
    When We Ride Our Enemies..

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    Re: Bosses of IC

    poopy the clown
    the ensidia ban was clever marketing

    oh noes, someone is using engineering

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    Re: Bosses of IC

    Well if there is no Nerubian raid in 3.2 or 3.3. if IC is bumped to 3.4 it would be nice to see Anub'Arak back in action. Killing him at level 73 was hands down the biggest lore letdown of the expansion.

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