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    Why do people keep complaining about things being too easy, especially Ulduar? People seem to just want to stand out like they used to. It's like they are little kids who don't get enough attention from mommy and daddy. People need to stop and think. WoW isn't just a game to Blizzard; it is their cash cow. It is where almost all of their profits come from now. To make more many, they want more players, and to entice more players, they make leveling and getting epic gear easier so it doesn't take them as long to catch up with all of the current endgame raiders and PvPers. If it took a new player as long as it took those of us who leveled back during Vanilla WoW to reach 60, we would be 90 in the next expansion by the time they hit 80 unless they did nothing but play all day long. Who would want to do that? Who is capable of that? Blizzard is tuning the game towards the majority. Hardcore players are no longer the majority. They are being replaced by casuals and those of us who have come to realize that there is life outside of WoW.

    To look at it all from a marketing perspective, why would Blizzard want fewer hardcore players who really appreciate what they have done, when they can make more money from aiming the game more towards mainstream teens and college students who don't have all the time in the world to dedicate to a raid or an arena team? If they can streamline leveling, and make endgame doable for everyone, why not do it to get more people playing, and thus, more people paying.

    I respect Blizzard as a company. They are ingenious when it comes to creating vast time sinks for all of us players to pour our time down. The Argent Tournament being the latest one. This tournament is loaded with mounts, pets, achievements, and easily obtainable gear. However, it all takes a long amount of time to get. To actually get the Argent Hippogryph which is 250 Champion Seals, it takes 50 days of farming the seals without spending any of them on anything else. To Blizzard, that is practically an entire time card if you really want the mount. Then, if you want the pets, individuals mounts, and still need the epic gear from an inability to raid or pvp, that takes even longer. All of this is just a giant time sink in which we throw out time and money down. However, it is entertaining. It is a great way to pass the time. If you don't like the Tournament, think of any number of other time sinks out there, such as getting achievements. The game used to just be about getting gear, or being the best at PvP, or seeing all of the content. Now, for those who have done all that, Blizzard found a way to make money off those people even further. With the achievements, the best of the best constantly have more to strive toward. There is never real endgame anymore unless you have achieved everything. So really, Blizzard is just going to keep getting our money.

    I know I am going to get trolled for this post, as well as flamed, and anything else bad that could happen to me probably will. I am just tired of hearing people complain about what Blizzard is doing. Just open your eyes to what Blizzard and WoW really are, and be happy with what they give you and don't complain about it. They do all the testing for us so we can play the game. They put the time and money we give them into making the game more balanced and playable for everyone, not just you and me. Quit thinking about yourself and think about how Blizzard is going to use your time and money to make the game more fun for everyone.

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    TL;DR I'm crying because i'm scared content will become harder?
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowf0x
    math has nothing to do with a game that is based on RNG.

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