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    Re: A priest in trouble

    Quote Originally Posted by Relina
    Grid + Clique
    Grid, yaaaaaayyyyyy. Clique, boooooooo.

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    Re: A priest in trouble

    Grid all the way.
    But when you add Clique it takes the skill away from healing (Imo).
    I stopped using grid however, and i just use blizz raid frames and bind my heals, makes it more fun (maybe less effective though)

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    Re: A priest in trouble

    Quote Originally Posted by sciarc
    Forget the whole Healbot vs. Grid debate and just use VuhDo.
    I went to check this one out, I must say I'm impressed by this addon. Gotta spend some time getting accustomed to it, it's really an awesome one :>

    Bye bye xperl and grid

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    Re: A priest in trouble


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    Re: A priest in trouble

    i used nothing but healbot in BC when i was holy.. and use it in BG's for my pvp spec and im quite happy w/ how it works

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    Re: A priest in trouble

    I wouldn't dream of playing without some sort of click-cast feature, so make sure you at least try running Clique as well (if you run grid).

    Personally, I found it easier to configure both my clicking and my UI in one addon, and generally found the healbot UI (the addon's UI itself for editing options) to be far more accessible than Grid's.

    In general: Healbot if you want it to be easy to pick up and use.
    Grid+Clique if you want to tilt your nose up at healbot users. The only benefit I've seen is that it doesn't break as badly if people leave group during combat.

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    Re: A priest in trouble

    Grid and Clique, live by it, die by it.

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    Re: A priest in trouble

    Quote Originally Posted by Relina
    Grid + Clique
    This. Grid on it's own is like a PB&J sandwich without the bread...

    Edit: Not that I recommend setting everything by modified clicks... Keybindings are still the way to go for most things, imo. I have clique configured for dispel magic, abolish disease, and PW:S (really nice to just right-click a target to bubble them). The rest are keybound. You can only program in a few until the complexity of applying the command is greater than just selecting the frame and using a keybinding.

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    Re: A priest in trouble

    Thanks alot guys again

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    Re: A priest in trouble

    Grid + Clique. Can't spam enough to promote these addons they truly rock :-*

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    Re: A priest in trouble

    I prefer Grid because of the customization of it and I prefer the setup of it, Healbots UI is...bleh in comparison, imo anyways, but they both accomplish the same thing.

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    Re: A priest in trouble

    you guys need to use vuhdo and feel the mojo.

    vuhdo rocks!


    once you have it set up the way you want to it is imho the most informative and powerful healing addon out there.
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    Re: A priest in trouble

    Grid is the most simplistic while still showing exactly the mount of information I need, no more no less. Can't beat that.

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    Re: A priest in trouble

    Vuhdo has really a lot of useless informations, and the graphic is really crowded unless you filter 90% of the things on the player panel

    Quote Originally Posted by 309blank
    Grid 1MB size >>>> Vuhdo 6MB size kkthxbye

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