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    Lvling a Priest

    I have a 60 priest i got for free with recruit a freind so i have 0 play time on it nor have i ever played priests.

    With lvling wat tree should i be going and as far as a rotation for lvling(Spells to use/to not use)

    with the toon being free never had time to just lvl and learn the class like i should have

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    Re: Lvling a Priest

    That's why people shouldn't use RAF, imo. It makes players playing classes that they don't know what to do with.

    But to answer your question, there's a site called Shadowpriest dot com that may have some answers for you. Lots of sites out there for every class if you try to look.

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    Re: Lvling a Priest

    you don't get banned for typing url's here.

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