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    Nitro Boosts idea

    After the halt to Nitro Boosts in arena I started trying to think of ways to make them a more attractive boot enchant. I use nitro boosts on my boots in pve currently (warlock), because I am over hit cap, the crit is larger than Icewalker, and I find the speed boost to be valuable for getting into position or avoiding things.

    A very simple idea is now that death knights dont provide raid wide minor run speed, maybe have the crit on them, the big cooldown boost, then a constant minor run speed. I dont believe this would be game breaking, and would make your Nitro Boosts into your generic "Use this if you want to run faster" enchant for engineers. Not having to pick up Tuskarr's Vitality would be nice.

    As for a possible extension on the big boost, this would be very very powerful in pve as well as battleground. I cannot say how I would feel about that.

    So any insight / ideas from the rest of the community?

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    Re: Nitro Boosts idea

    That is not a bad idea. I have always thought the engineering enchants should be all around better then the enchant that already exists. Like the cloak one should be 22agi + parachute. I wouldn't mind having the a crit tinker + minor run speed.

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    Re: Nitro Boosts idea

    Either that or have some type of useful +stat to belt so you can get all the regular enchants plus a unique one.

    Or make it like Diablo 2 where you can attach a potion rack to your belt. Save space!

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    Re: Nitro Boosts idea

    i like your idea op.

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    Re: Nitro Boosts idea

    an idea that isn't op.


    I felt like putting a bullet between the eyes of every Panda that wouldn't screw to save its species

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