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    JC 340-350

    just started to powerlevel JC and have come to a stand still with 340-350 should i make 10 heavy adamantite rings, i have found that the mats are very expensive as i need to get 40 mercurial adamantite is there an alternative?

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    Re: JC 340-350

    Have you checked the online guides? Do they reach a consensus on the best means of levelling from 340-350?

    I made those rings to get myself to 350. It clearly depends on the server, but the AH potential on those crafted items may not be too bad.
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    Re: JC 340-350

    40 mercurial adamantite? How come? Each ring costs you 1 Adamantite Bar and 1 Mercurial Adamantite. Have you followed a guide or leveled JC all by yourself? Just curious... how much gold you spent so far?

    If you want a good guide pm me cause I don't know if i'm allowed to post it here.

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    Re: JC 340-350

    I meant adamantite powder... my bad. Doesn't matter now just made some more green recipe gems and eventually got there. Now im 425 JC been farely straight forward now, didn't cost that much as i have 2 toons that have mining but i may have spent about 1.5k also have an alchy so i can make metas.
    Thanks for the replies anyway

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    Re: JC 340-350

    I just take my time and occasionally make an Icy Prism. I'm sure I'll be 450 by the time epic gem patterns roll around.

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    Re: JC 340-350

    300-350: cut 100 green quality bc gems. costs about 100 gold. it is as fast and cheap as 350-410.
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    Re: JC 340-350

    From 420-450 I cut meta gems and did Icy Prisms. Both recipes at least stay yellow all the way to 450. Meta gems are by far the cheapest way to go from 440 to 450.

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    Re: JC 340-350

    I think some people in this thread need to consider reading it properly as they are stating facts that have nothing to do with what the OP is asking for. Hes asking for 340-350 not 440-450.

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