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    Discipline PVE Trinkets?

    Hey guys, first post, been raiding as disc for a while now and finding it much more fun than holy, just wondering if it was worth buying a greatness card?
    I've been thinking about it recently and it seems like a pretty nice trinket for disc priests, just wanted to know your thoughts, i'll chuck a link to armory if you guys wana have a look.



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    Re: Discipline PVE Trinkets?

    I used a greatness card (int version) for a long time and now replaced it with spark of hope. it's a great trinket and provides heavy mana and some crit. it still use it on some mana-intense fights where i replace my throughput trinket (still forethought talisman) with it.

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    Re: Discipline PVE Trinkets?

    Some great trinkets to look out for... (sorry I can't recall exactly which boss they drop from). By no means a comprehensive list, but these are imo some of the best out there (though I'm beginning to suspect Pandora's Plea is a myth /grrr)

    Healing throughput:
    - Illustration of Dragon's Soul - Obsidian Sanctum (25), 200 SP when stacked
    - Eye of the Broodmother - early boss in Ulduar-10 (razorscale, maybe) 87 crit rating and 125 SP when stacked

    Mana longevity:
    - Spark of Hope - also early Ulduar-10 - 100'ish spirit and 42 mana cost reduction (note this is before talent savings, but still great)
    - Pandora's Plea - Mimiron (25), 108 Int and chance to increase SP by 850
    - Soul of the Dead - Sapphiron (25) I think... 95ish crit rating and chance to restore 900 mana on crit (45s int cd)
    - Darkmoon Card: Greatness, 90 Int version

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    Re: Discipline PVE Trinkets?

    Sorry for nab question but i wouldlike to know if Eye of the Broodmother can be trigered by PW:S ?? :-[

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    Re: Discipline PVE Trinkets?

    Stacking Eye can be achieved with virtually anything: logging on, cooking, making elixirs, and PW: S

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    Re: Discipline PVE Trinkets?

    imo the best combination for disc atm is the eye of the broodmother and pandora's plea. the crit and pretty much static 125sp is hard to match and the 108 int on pandora's plea is very good for regen. plus the 850sp proc is incredible.

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    Re: Discipline PVE Trinkets?

    Quote Originally Posted by 96Draconum
    plus the 850sp proc is incredible.
    It's 751 sp :-\

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    Re: Discipline PVE Trinkets?

    yikes. ya i saw a post about that. the item says 850 but the buff says 751. i was hoping it was a bug or something that would be fixed

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    Re: Discipline PVE Trinkets?

    Pandora's Plea is amazing... huge manapool and a very nice boost for shields during the proc.
    On most fights I use it together with DMC:G for another intellect boost, bringing me to 32k mana raidbuffed and a virtually endless manapool.

    Spark of hope I really only use on Vezax
    When I can pick up Eye of the Broodmother that will probably replace DMC:G for most fights

    So, unless you're next in line for Pandora's Plea, the greatness card is well worth it. If yu can get your hands on Pandora's Plea you'll use a +spellpower trinket as 2nd most of the time


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