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    Best PVP/Arena Proffs

    With the change to JC, what do yall think are the best 2 professions for PVP?

    I'm leaning toward BS/Enchanting, but not too sure. Class is Priest, but I think most proffs are pretty even class-wise.

    Thanks ahead of time!

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    Re: Best PVP Proffs

    I guess I mean more for Arena. Sorry about that.

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    Re: Best PVP/Arena Proffs


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    Re: Best PVP/Arena Proffs

    Even with the JC change? Thinking they will come out with even better JC only gems?

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    Re: Best PVP/Arena Proffs

    well it was engineering/jc before the engineering nerf

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    Re: Best PVP/Arena Proffs

    depends on your class

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    Re: Best PVP/Arena Proffs

    I'm a Priest. Debating on a few ATM, can't seem to decide. BS seems like a sure bet, but the other is harder to pick.

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    Re: Best PVP/Arena Proffs

    i got enchanting and engineering.....holding onto it hoping they give us something worthwhile.. i mean come on, gives us something...

    im a priest aswell


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    Re: Best PVP/Arena Proffs

    I play a feraldruid, and imo it's still: Enchanting/Jewelcrafting, also cause you can make a pretty nice buck of it nowadays.
    Even though my arenapartner, a disc priest, loves to shoot his gloverocket at people when he's bored :P

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