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    Pvp Shadow spec?

    Hi iam a lvl 80 priest and wants to play pvp.. And iam going for shadow pvp and dont know a good spec :S Can you pls help me?

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    Re: Pvp Shadow spec?

    spec 1.Better as a bg pvp spec and lower brackets arena (imo till 1300-max1400).Based on aggressive gameplay,put spelldmg on and max resi in order to survive.

    spec 2. Better for higher arena brackets that meens high resi targets (it s not my opinion but i've seen ppl tell it as recommended).Also i think it needs more defensive gearing and gameplay(i really don't know but again from what i hear,that i tell u ). As u see i prefer mental agility than focused mind cause it affects more spells.

    spec 3. I have seen many ppl playing this spec.I don't personally believe that has mana survivability and mana= damage for casters.

    And there is also the non-recommended glass cannon....

    I forgot to change glyphs .Ppl also say that the play some Shadowholy hybrids,but i don't really know anything about their playstyle.That's my optional specs. Ppl correct me if i am wrong.

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    Re: Pvp Shadow spec?

    Maybe its cause I do 2s and 3s but I think I only seen 2 shadow priest out of like 400 games so far this season. I thought shadowplay was pretty decent what happen to that?

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    Re: Pvp Shadow spec?

    A good shadow pvp spec is disc.

    Really though i use http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#bxIbu...RfkbfofkAo:oIb

    I don't find mana burn useful enough to actually put points in it. I mostly play 3s so generally i'm getting trained to hard to cast anything anyway or trying to out dps them before they destroy my rogue as ALL that is in 3s at a certain rating(1900-2000 depending on the day/luck and i assume it's the same all the way up) is cleave teams. We're masochistic, though i've been considering switching my dispersion glyph for swp, i often shrug it off as i won't be able to mind flay when i need to anyway, and i like it for bgs. So w/e.

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    Re: Pvp Shadow spec?

    Go with this build.


    Standard 20/0/51 played right you should be able to handle longer matches w/o having mana problems.

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    Re: Pvp Shadow spec?

    Tbh, doesnt matter what you spec as shadow, you will get overpowered by just about any class in pvp imo, i have 900 resilience and still have problems surviving in bg's/ arena.

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    Re: Pvp Shadow spec?

    This is the build I currently using, and it works quite well (for a shadowpriest in pvp)
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    Re: Pvp Shadow spec?

    max spellpower, pve gear
    thats how i run bgs, no arena since s2

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