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    Combat Text

    I currently use SCT and SCTD, and was wondering what they difference between those and Mik's Scrolling Combat Text was. Is MSCT better than SCT(and SCTD) or are they about equivalent?

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    Re: Combat Text

    Mik's takes a bit more getting used to and is more customizable with a little bit less support from other addons
    As far as I know SCT+D takes up more memory than Mik's as well

    I'm in the process of changing from SCT, as its just not all it was back in TBC :/

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    Re: Combat Text

    SCT is exactly what it says, scrolling combat text. Its basic and pretty easy to use and understand.

    Miks SBT is that and so much more. Its almost more of an alert system than combat text. It will do everything that SCT does in terms of displaying your combat text, with a few more options as to where different parts of it go (ie incoming damage on the right with heals, outgoing scrolling across the top).

    It then also has a very powerful tool that allows you to view and be alerted of special buffs/debuffs that are gained by yourself and your target/focus. Its completely customisable, from graphic to sounds to where. It takes a bit of getting used to, and a lot of playing around with if you want to set it up just right for you. Its amazingly powerful in arenas and pvp in general, but has a lot of pve use too, especially as you can add and remove whatever buffs/debuffs you want to show.

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    Re: Combat Text

    See it that way:

    SCT is like your palmtop's GPS-program. It tells you where to go and you easily get there, but the map-scrolling sucks, the route calculation is slow and the accuracy is meh.

    MSBT is your BMW 750i's iDrive Multimedia-Multipurpose-Multi-anything-System. It can tell you anything that you want to know, in any place on your UI in any fashion of scolling, sticky'ing, fading, whatever. But it takes time to learn how it works.

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    Re: Combat Text

    Quote Originally Posted by Xs
    but the iDrive sucks
    ^^ This!
    Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.
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    Re: Combat Text

    Quote Originally Posted by Xs
    but the iDrive sucks
    Now that I agree with...

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