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    Target Phrames


    I would like to remove my targets frames from my UI. I use IceHuD and it shows me my targets health and everything i need to know. I need a way to remove that portrait from my UI.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Target Phrames

    From the IceHUD wowinterface page:
    Frequently Asked Questions
    1. How do I hide the default Blizzard player and target unit frames?
    Type /icehud, expand the "Module Settings" section, click "Player Health" or "Target Health," and check "Hide Blizzard Frame" (NOTE: before version 1.3.7, the player/target unitframes were hidden by default. Follow the same steps to enable them if desired)

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    Re: Target Phrames

    [email protected] i shoulda investigated the FAQ.

    Nonetheless, Thank you.

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