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    Need help with making a targeting macro

    I want to make a targeting macro, all it has to do is switch targets ie from a boss to a freshly spawned add and back again (toggle targets). Before somebody post that "tab" will do it, it will not! It switches to NEAREST target which is no good to me at all.
    So if somebody knows how to make it could u post it here plz and thank you! You are going to help my Heroic and raiding alot lol

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    Re: Need help with making a targeting macro

    you cant do this unless you know the unit name, and even then you will still have to click it to use the macro. if multiple of the same spawn, or more than 1 can be alive at the same time this macro wont work like you want it to.

    if you are talking about algalon or something similar, you cant make a macro to do that, you have to do it manually (which is easy and if you can't, reconsider your role in the raid)
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