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    Target Raid Symbol Macro

    Well I play a mage and I have had a problem with my macros

    I want to have 2 focus target but to my understanding its not possible so this is my 2nd question
    If I were to know what raid symbol am I supposted to sheep (lets call it moon)

    Is there a macro that say

    /cast ["Raittarget"="moon"] polymorph

    or something along those lines I know there is macro that you can set to mark a target
    String - The UnitId representing the desired target for the icon.
    Number - Icon id from 0 to 8:
    0 = no icon
    1 = Yellow 4-point Star
    2 = Orange Circle
    3 = Purple Diamond
    4 = Green Triangle
    5 = White Crescent Moon
    6 = Blue Square
    7 = Red "X" Cross
    8 = White Skull
    edit Example

    To set a skull over your current target:
    /script SetRaidTarget("target",8);

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    Re: Target Raid Symbol Macro

    If I'm not wrong you can not target a marked mob with macro.
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    Re: Target Raid Symbol Macro

    miLl3niUm isn't wrong, you can't target a marked mob I'm afraid.

    There are times though (like these) when I wish you could
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    Re: Target Raid Symbol Macro

    If you could do this it would be entirely possible to multibox an entire 25 man raid :P

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