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    Quick Question - 4 prof combo!

    I want you to advise me which profs should I skill up, to make decent gold and still get boost from that profs.
    I have main (rogue), raiding Ulduar / playing few arenas per week, currently I have Enchanting + LW. I cant get much gold from this combo, few ench fees for craft and LW, idk how to get at least 1gold from LW without skinning.
    So I decide to drop my LW and get other one, thinking about Engineering or JWC. Skilling of these supported by my alt (curretly at 71lvl [warrior]) who is going to get some gathering profs (such as mining + herb) to support that skilling of JWC/Eng.

    So I ask you, what would you recommend me to skill up, to make decent gold without sitting in org for hours, spaming trade chat and get decent boost in PvE + PvP ?? (mind, I want to keep my Enchanting)

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    Re: Quick Question - 4 prof combo!

    If you are even considering Engineering after all the nerfs then you sir are and idiot.
    JC is the way to go and get Mining//Skinning on ur alt.

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    Re: Quick Question - 4 prof combo!

    If making money with a profession was so easy and didn't require playing the auction house and making deals in trade chat, why isn't the market flooded with it?

    I mean, there are some things that can be crafted (I don't want to give away my own methods) and disenchanted for rather good money and require minimal effort, but the time spent doing it could easily be spent doing other things to make the same amount of money.

    As for PVE/PVP benefit, Leatherworking isn't any better or worse than any other profession. Jewelcrafting is the best right now, but as soon as the nerf hits it'll be on par with other professions. And since engineering got hit as of late, it's also not worth the investment.

    You were probably better off keeping Leatherworking instead of dumping 2k+ gold (in cash or mats) on a new profession that will give you essentially the same effect.

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