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    Noob question - Holy Concentration - Worth it?

    I've recently started playing my priest and have been healing instances and the like. I've noticed that all the raid specs I have seen take 3/3 Holy Concentration but I'm not sure I see the value.

    Everything I have read has said that the FSR doesn't really apply anymore with the changes to how spirit works, and with replenishment being based off intellect i'm not sure I see the benefit. I would say something like Surge of Light is much more useful.

    Is this really a 'must have' talent?

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    Re: Noob question - Holy Concentration - Worth it?

    Renew applies it too now. It doubles your spirit regen, which is still on pretty much all of our gear. It's guaranteed to be worth it. Although, get both this AND surge of Light.
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    Re: Noob question - Holy Concentration - Worth it?

    You've 50% through meditation ... with HC this goes up to 75%.
    With a good amount of crit this means quite a good manareg infight.

    I think it's a must have.
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    Re: Noob question - Holy Concentration - Worth it?

    Agreed with the above posters. Yes, a lot of regen comes from other sources like Replenishment, but a large chunk of your regen is still Spirit based. Also, do not forget that your Spirit regen scales with Intellect and, thus, does affect your Intellect based regen as well. With my current gear, I believe this procs for roughly 250 MP5, so even with a lower uptime like 60-70%, it's still worth a fair bit of regen. Even better, this scales linearly with your Spirit/Intellect, and also scales with Crit (though with diminishing returns).

    So, IMO this talent is definitely a must have and I'm quite certain that you would see a noticeable difference in your mana without it.

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    Re: Noob question - Holy Concentration - Worth it?

    Great replies guys, thanks a lot.

    Really glad I asked now.

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