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    Re: 8.5 shadow headpiece model sucks

    You could always just hide the helm. It solves the clipping issue. But I can understand your desire to see the helm cuz it looks pretty badass (imho)

    Good luck in getting it fixed!

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    Re: 8.5 shadow headpiece model sucks

    All Im going to say is....Hahahahahahahaha

    Sucks to be you

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    Re: 8.5 shadow headpiece model sucks

    lolalliance. loldwarf. I play a Blood Elf Shadow Priest - because I'm Emo like that (lol). I think tier 8.5 looks freaking awesome on my toon. As I call it, "the ninja priest" set. Regardless, I have yet to see a male dwarf shadow priest in game. ever.

    And back to what I said earlier, if I had the choice, I'd reroll my priest as Undead. When I first started the game my priest was going to be a healer and I thought that an undead healer was a little... strange, and I hate trolls. It was actually really funny, we were doing Yogg the other night and our raid leader was telling us two shadow priests to be on dispel duty with the mind controls. I told him that I swear it seems like every time more than one target is mindcontrolled, I was too. He just said "Then will of the forsaken out of it!" And I was like "Um... I can't" and he was like "AND WHY THE HELL NOT?!?!" And I was like "Because I'm a Blood Elf" and he was like "Why the HELL would you roll a Blood Elf Shadow Priest?"... all I could respond with was "I guess because I'm just a pansy like that"

    haha. I guess the story wasn't as funny as I thought it was.
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    I recommend shoulder surgery immediately... there's no way you didn't fuck it up with how hard you just reached.

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