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    Re: 0/15/53 Warlock PvE Rotation !?

    I always try to land CoD after I conflag, as pyroclasm is a really nice buff to have when doom goes up the first time.

    My initial "rotation": immo, corr (i have 2pce plagueheart still and read this was actually a dps increase - if not use an incin in here to account for the dead time between immo cast and the conflag ability able to be used) conflag, CoD, CB, incin..etc

    The priorities same as above posts. 'Cept for the poster who said he/she clips immo - IF you had a dmg proc up when you first applied immo you will not be able to over-write the dot portion making the cast wasted so i try to not clip immo (even though sometimes i reapply during a backdraft)

    Fel Synergy I find a must for 25man raids to keep the imp alive.

    I opted for getting imp soul leech (even though my raid has replenishment cause it lets me use a glyph other than life tap - and thus save gcd's I don't need to use because of the imp soul leech)

    I don't find it necessary as yet to max out the threat talent - our tanks our excellent, i time shatters well and we have several pallies ready to salv.

    Shadowfury, I can see how it would be useful at XT...but we have mages for nova and shamans with that rooting totem etc in the raid and it seems quite situational compared to say demonic power cause you are always using the imp in this spec.

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    Re: 0/15/53 Warlock PvE Rotation !?

    Ìve been leveling my lock and gonna use the 0/13/58 spec. But Ill need the hit from aff. what should I drop?

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    Re: 0/15/53 Warlock PvE Rotation !?

    Backlash or destructive reach for 2/3 suppression. Drop one point in Empowered Imp for the 3rd point.

    Feel free to debate this all you want, 3% hit vs 2% crit and a pet-dependant proc, clear winner imo.

    R.I.P. YARG

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    Re: 0/15/53 Warlock PvE Rotation !?

    Ok thanks for the feedback. Ill check it out.

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    Re: 0/15/53 Warlock PvE Rotation !?

    I can't see if that specc is working good or not.

    Self I use the specc to gain extra crit cause of my gear just give haste so I don't feel like destro yet feels like I get to low crit in destro.

    1. This specc gave me the ability to gain the Molten core and the Master Demonlogist that gave me some more fire spwr and fire crit and the Demonic knowledge to maximum my spwr

    2. I get Decimation that can make my dps grow a little 60% lower cast time on Soul Fire make it 1.23sec cast time for me so incinerate incinerate soul fire and repete after 35%

    So I ask am I right out of this or should I test the destro specc? atm I got 39% crit self buffed(don't know if I can see the Devastion) so in destro specc I got around 25% crit should I test it or not? it dosen't feels like the destro tree give anthing. it feels like if I gonna be caster dps in that I mean cast spell like shadow bolt I need alot of crit in affliction you need haste to get up the spells quikly am I whole wrong then?

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    Re: 0/15/53 Warlock PvE Rotation !?

    i got 2 points in supperssion as im not hit capped without it. i got ISL aswell.

    Lastnight on XT i was sitting on about 6k this was with 2pt8 and 2pt7

    I didnt do adds.

    I dont use CoD. really dont see how its worth using it. then again havnt tested it either.

    bascially i do immo > inc > Conf >CB > inc >inc > conf > immo

    i try to use Conflag b4 i put up immo or cast CB for the 6% increase in dmg.

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