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    PvP pot going crazy

    im thinking about spending 2-3 hours and bout 10,000g to get a recipie for alch is it worth it in ur opinions?


    is the recipie

    i can see it being fun for loads of ppl in pvp

    i have farmed 70 stacks of each of the herbs (i'm in it for the gold made a fake guidl for just the storage and my bank)

    gonna make tons

    u think it's worth it? i'm gonna sell like each stack of 5 for like 30g

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    Re: PvP pot going crazy

    I'm pretty sure its not usable in arena so no
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    Re: PvP pot going crazy

    First off saying this will cost 10.000g is just ridiculous. You can farm Zandalar rep by yourself easily, no matter what class you are. No you cannot use them in arena (which I'm guessing you already knew) but yes they are very handy for WSG and EOTS. Spend the time by yourself or with a partner and just farm the ZG rep if you really want the recipe.

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    Re: PvP pot going crazy

    i can farm it myself but it is loads faster with a raid of 10-20

    we clear fast everyone needs all coin drops

    i buy em off em at the end

    i know not arena but arena isn't the only PvP part of wow dude

    it's much faster with a group a tried it duo but we couldn't put the dps out that 10-20 level 80s can do plus they make some good gold

    each person in bout 1 hour made around 130g from drop change and from vendor trash and from coins bought from me

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