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    how are priests in PVP?

    I have decided to level my priest to 80 because i miss healing
    with him.
    I havn't played pvp really since the release of WOTLK
    but i loved playing in PVP with my priest so I want to
    get back into PVP with him.
    So my question is simple how are preist in PVP atm
    I use to hear people complaning about priests
    being OP but them complainents have seem to
    be gone.
    are preist underpowered?
    or balanced?

    .........by PVP im mean BG's Awell not just arena.........................

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    Re: how are priests in PVP?

    Disc seems to be doing pretty good atm. Shadow can use some buffs but is no longer broken. Holy sucks.

    Edit: Expect to be stuck to rogues for eternity. Ret has been a good partner recently but I wouldn't count on it since ret is going through changes until designers feel happy with the spec.
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    Re: how are priests in PVP?

    bg...... I played every class on top level.. 60, 70, 80 (friends accounts etc..) and IMHO well played healer/dispeler priest is most valuable char in bg ever, u have all what u need, decent dmg, dispels, heal. Sometimes u will be frustrated in PUGs with poor teamnates. Priest was also best fun. btw most bored class for me: paladin + hunter.


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    Re: how are priests in PVP?

    warrior is most boring in BG imo. priest are fun


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