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    leveling/healing advice

    I have a level 60 priest and im not sure to level him or not. I have played all other healing classes to 75+ and want to know which do you think is the most fun to play.

    Any advice would be great, thanks

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    Re: leveling/healing advice

    For healing in general, priests is for sure the most fun class to play. You have dozens of different healing spells at your disposal, 2 VERY different healing specs (both raidviable) and whatever other healers have, you have also in some form, plus you have unique healing tools no other healer has.

    AOE heals? Check a plenty
    Fast heals? Check
    Slow strong heals? Check
    Hots? Check
    Smart heals? Check
    Shields? Check
    Instant heals? Check
    Awesome oh-shit abilities? Check
    Mana regen cooldowns? Check
    The only heal ingame that you can spam that heals you plus your target at the same time? Check
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