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    Mass Dispel VS Dispel Resistance

    Mass Dispel can remove immunity effects, but it can fail to do so because of hit/resistance issues. But that is not my question. It is:

    Does Mass Dispel have a higher chance to get through dispel resistance than a normal dispel? Say for instance a druid with innervate and barkskin up has 90% dispel resistance. Does Mass Dispel have more than a 10% chance to remove innervate or is it useless trying to MD instead of a normal dispel?

    I ask because in the last days I have twice removed an innervate with mass dispel but I could never do it with a normal dispel. Could be RNG fucking with me, but could it also be the power of Mass Dispel?
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    Re: Mass Dispel VS Dispel Resistance

    As normal dispell tries to remove 2 buffs I would go with the normal dispell.. MS should have have the effect that it can remove Immunities.. Not that it has a better chance of dispelling.
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    Re: Mass Dispel VS Dispel Resistance

    Today, I had 3 resist in a row from bubbled paladin. I assume that MD has the exact same hit chance as the regular dispel, but regular dispel hits twice and has the calculation done separately for each of the 2 hits. I haven't found anything that would make MD any more able to hit. However, this is just from my experience and what I've read about the talents and spells we have. It might be different, but I wouldn't bet on it.

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    Re: Mass Dispel VS Dispel Resistance

    Admittedly i didn't read your post with first response, but seems interesting, might just be rng.

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    Re: Mass Dispel VS Dispel Resistance

    MD should be unresistable. it's stupid that you waste a long cast time and a ton of mana for a resist.

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