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    low dps as affliction on yogg-saron

    So yesterday I did yogg-saron 10-men for first time, gotten to phase 3 once or twice, but then either immortal guardians didn't get picked up or leftover tentacles got to us.
    Either way, my dps was too low(1.7-1.8k dps), however I was 3rd on damage done.
    I always dot everything up in sight and use my filler shadow bolt when dots are up. Of course in phase 1, I gotta move around a lot, so in phase 1 my dots still do their damage, but because the clouds come to close, I need to move away and out of range of the guardians. Meaning I am still dpsing the guardians with my dots, but not with my shadow bolts since I'm out of range. So my damage is way more spread over time. In phase 2 though there aren't any clouds. There are however constrictor tentacles that reduce my dps, black plague(which didn't get dispelled halve the time ), brain link that makes me run to the other guy. I just dotted every tentacle in sight then switched back to the first tentacle I dotted and reapplied dots if needed, otherwise started shadowbolting. What else could I possibly do? I got around 2500sp, 15% haste, 17% crit raid buffed in affliction spec. Please give me some advise. I should be able to do better.

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    Re: low dps as affliction on yogg-saron

    i get the same problem, but as long as your 3rd on damage done your doing fine
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    Re: low dps as affliction on yogg-saron

    P1: Depending on how fast the Spawns go down i only use Corr & UA as dots, Haunt the Mob you think is best an don't forget to execute when <25%.
    (Dont run with the clouds to avoid them, but against their direction)

    P2: Dot up every tentacle u pass by with Corr on your way to the big one (lots of Eradication & Nightfall proccs). Send your send your Doggie on the small ones.

    P3: Should be clear - kill wats left asap then your regular rota & DS execute Yogg. (Start channeling then instant turn away)

    You can look up my Spec via my signature. I know its an awkward one as i have 1 point Range in Affli & Destro. Why i do so is because i like the extra range. I play with a lot of [target=focus] macros to keep Corr on atleast a second Mob aswell as CoD (if possible), thats where range comes in handy.

    P1 is also way easier that way, same as other fights where you cannot choose your position so freely.

    Now i have no points in Fel Synergy and no points in Demonic Power. I know that the specced Sukkubus does more DMG then my Felhunter, BUT:
    1. i love the Felhunters utility. (selfdispell, magic-lock)
    2. it's unspecced DPS is only slightly smaller then the Sukkis
    3. it survives way more often then any other Pet (due to his higher MagicResi)
    4. i prefer boosting my own DPS then my Pets

    I've had this build for a while now and i love it.

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    Re: low dps as affliction on yogg-saron

    The damage it does is negligible compared to the points you mentioned really. Think it was something like 200 vs 300 DPS roughly.

    As to the question. Just try and keep casting at all times.

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    Re: low dps as affliction on yogg-saron

    the only damage that really matters in this fight is the ones that go into the portal, p1 I don't even do anything about prance around the room in 25man that is. p2 p3 are the only important ones to us as locks ;P

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