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    warlock suggestion

    looks like blizz wnt to make us more viable in pvp but their don't know how,so...

    demonic circle: remove all stun poison and bleeding effect
    shadow yard: (it is the worst and useless spell in the game,it only advantage destro in mirror with affliction or vs dk unholy) so lets change shadow yard in shadow shield.
    shadow shield: 5 seconds immune vs physical attak 2 min cd

    why those changes are needed?

    the main problem as warlock are rogues and warriors
    they just have more cd than us so if they manage their cd there is now way for win (obviusly is theory where rogue and lock got same skill and gear)

    that is why we need the teleport change.

    warrior:when your teleport is in cd the warrior charge u + bladestorm and u are fuked.

    that is why we need the shadow shield

    those changes are USELESS vs casters and healer but allow warlock to be less crappy vs melee

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    Re: warlock suggestion

    just NO
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    Re: warlock suggestion

    Quote Originally Posted by shinthar
    just NO
    And btw.
    I'm pretty sure Blizzard knows exactly what's going on. Am I wrong on the other hand, luckily they'll prolly read this post on MMO and implement this.

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    Re: warlock suggestion

    Quote Originally Posted by shinthar
    just NO
    warlock is the last rapresented class in arena so if u say no u MUST have some idea for make us more aviable in arena

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    Re: warlock suggestion

    Bad idea. If you want one, here: improved searing pain- causes the target to drop all of it's weapons (like dismantle) for 5 seconds after being hit by searing pain. can only happen once every 25 seconds.
    middle-high in demo tree (one of the first 4 tiers) OR glyph: increase the range of you demonic circle teleport
    Demonic circle:teleport can be cast while stunned, silenced or disoriented.
    Shadowflame: fixed cone, knockbacks the target and ensnare it for 3seconds

    here you go- 4 ideas that can help warlocks.

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    Re: warlock suggestion

    2min cd
    10% of maximum hp
    Cause ? fire damage to every one in a 5 yard distance for 5 seconds. Within these 5 seconds movement speed increased by 60%, and cannot be snared. Any damage taken will be devoured by hell, thus resulting in you losing no health.

    3 min cd
    1 Soulshard
    x% mana
    Soulshatter reduces threat for all enemies within 50 yards, and reduces all spell aggro for the next 10 seconds by 10%. In these 10 seconds your soul is shattered thus any damage taken will not harm you, nor are you affected by any effect that loses control over your character. Instead, the part of the warlock's shattered soul must be damaged in order to cause harm to the warlock. The warlock's soul has 50% of your stats, and follows you. After the 10 seconds, the soul returns back to you, causing 50% of the amount of damage it took.

    Detect Invisibility:
    x mana
    30 yard range
    Detecs invisible and increases stealth detection. Can only be cast on yourself.

    x mana
    10 yard range
    Same effect but pierces through Immunities and resistances

    Metamorphosis- Usable while stunned


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    Re: warlock suggestion

    Heres a simple band aid solution blizzard might like but would be far too easy and not corky. Make incinerate and chaos bolt just do 15% more damage regardless if immolate is on the target with fire and brimstone. Cause ya want a good way to nerf lock burst? Just dispell immolate off the target. This is basically just to make me happy thou cause i think the whole let's make them play exactly like this rotational garbage is lame plus it screws up pvp anyway. This must seem like a i just want to incinerate spam post now but o well i don't like gay mechanics.

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    Re: warlock suggestion

    Demonic Empowerment works fine for our demons - removes stuns etc. imo we should have a spell working like that for us maybe with bigger cd - but which spell?
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    Re: warlock suggestion

    1:Transform into a swarm of bats and moving fast forward 20 yards, lay a path of unholy energy making enemys run 60% slower while in the path. The swarm is made of 10 bats wich all consists of 10% of your total hp and can be targeted individually. The bats take 80% lower aoe damage. More experienced players would just move to the side and run beside it. (able while stunned/snared.)

    2:Able to cast Demonic teleport while stunned, does not remove the stun.

    3K ripoff on the stun remover.

    All three been said before on mmo, just changed a little.
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