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    Haste Gear for Discipline PVP

    I have found that the general consensus is to pick up the hit neck/ring/cloak, and the rest should be the spirit gear.

    Now, I've noticed that your haste gets extremely low in PVP gear. Healing in a fast paced life or death decision making matches like arena battles would seem like faster heals would be good. Being able to DPS faster too would increase the burst you could do to a target when focusing on someone with your partner, which could end a match easier and quicker.

    Now, I see the Titanforged gear from Wintergrasp has haste on them. The hood and the robe. The stats on good on them they are just missing the spirit. I was wondering if anyone thinks it's ok to drop just the spirit hood/robe to get these 2 items, as just those 2 haste pieces would be like 3% haste which is a decent boost for us. From what I see disc PVP build usually skip Enlightenment also so this would help out our destitute haste rating even more.

    Doesn't seem like a big deal to lose ~20mp5, probably more like 17 or something, to get a nice haste boost. Anyone try sprinkling in these 2 pieces and achieve a high rating in 2's, or at least see a difference in those clutch situation? The trade off seems pretty decent.

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    Re: Haste Gear for Discipline PVP

    I use Embrace of the Spider or whatever it is called from Naxx25 as my second trinket right now because of the haste proc. Will exchange it for the passive resilence activate for ~300 haste wintergrasp trinket though. And my engineered hyperspeed accelerators are rad too of course.

    I don't think 50 or so more haste will really show, I like a big chunk of haste when I need it (or when it procs right now with my trinket) much more than just a little bit all the time.
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    Re: Haste Gear for Discipline PVP

    Well with both pieces it's 95 haste, and you're trading that for about 20mp5 at max. 95 haste is really close to 3%. I do have the Platinum Disks of Swiftness (haste use) and Power Infusion of course, and for the 20 seconds it's really nice, but I just feel so slow the rest of the time, I started heavily contemplating picking up just these 2 pieces of haste and keeping the rest spirit for regen.

    I'm looking at it compared to the spirit you're losing. It's not much, and even if you think the haste isn't much, I think it could tip things in your favor with quicker heals and DPS more than the "not much" regen. As long as the rest of your gear overall is regen, I wouldn't think anyone would miss just 2 pieces.

    Just the way I'm looking at it, and wondering if anyone else is too. You might be right, the trinket and PI might be enough.

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    Re: Haste Gear for Discipline PVP

    For 2s where game can be long, spirit gear is better even tho that regen is crap.
    I prefer crit over haste or spirit, since you get lots of haste from Borrowed Time and PI.

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    Re: Haste Gear for Discipline PVP

    You also lose 4 set bonus.

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    Re: Haste Gear for Discipline PVP

    Quote Originally Posted by Velton
    You also lose 4 set bonus.
    QFT. 4pc bonus is ridiculously good for disc.

    Haste is great for our burns, but PI and the WG disc are enough, in conjunction w/ Borrowed Time. Sure we could always use more, but you'll get more bang for the buck in the long run from other stats.

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    Re: Haste Gear for Discipline PVP

    Alrighty! Thanks guys. Solid argument. Not gonna do it. I forgot to factor BT in too. So BT, PI, and WG disk willbe enough, don't want to lose 4pc bonus either, totally didn't cross my mind. Thanks again.

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