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Well, this looks like generalizing the encounter, then Thorim too is just the same with a "Avoid the fucking blizzard" addition
That is also how I view Thorim HM. No need to overcomplicate it, tbh.

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thing is that, for example, to have enough DPS you need 4 or 5 healers, this needs dropping 1 or 2, this needs insane healing, and means the need of being PERFECT on the Flash Freezes, because if in normal mode you can allow even 5,6 or 7 people caught in them, during the HM you can't afford loosing even 1 (in fact, our 1st HM kill came with Cheese The Freeze) and means that the tank needs to move to the Lights to give haste to the Melees, all the casters that gets the Lightning buff needs to run to the melees and buff them, and so on.
People getting freeze shouldn't happen, no matter how you put it I just play pro.

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I've always found doing 10 men a way of "enjoying the game with friends", there are less people, less confusion...it's more relaxing. I can't actually enjoy it mainly because I've 10 items of 226ilvl or higher, and in 10men you shouldn't even be allowed to pass it with 226items, considering it's tuned for Naxx10 geared players, wich means 200-213 geared players, everyone claiming to be pro or "lol ulduar is easy" when nuking Ulduar10 in 226 items is simply ignorant.
Ulduar 10 is easy because we overgear it, but the complexity of certain fights like Mimiron is still challenging. 4 Tower Flame Leviathan is not "easy" either, and not very gear dependant.

Overall the instance is really fun on Hard Mode.