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    Quote Originally Posted by Haibara
    Sorry for my english, I'm not a native
    Its ok, I am only 6.25% Native American.

    I have some confusion. Is this supposed to be some new cross tree talent? New base abilities?

    Also an earlier commenter was correct in saying no class revamps should be expected, so if anything for holy dps, you could hope for more favorable talents, like maybe making spirit tap work with smite or something.

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    Didn't read all of the replies, but i can do the same;

    Prot Paladin + Blood Deathknight = Demigod Aura

    Demigod Aura;
    When you kill an enemy that grants honor or experience, you are healed for up to 6% of your maximum health. In addition, you gain 2 strength for every 180 armor your have, and every time you successfully land with an attack or ability, you have a chance of spawning 1-4 Blodworms, which heal you for damage they deal to their target. Every time you block an attack, or an attack hits you, you have a chance to activate the "Reckoning" effect, which will give your next 4 weapon swings a 100% chance to trigger an additional melee swing.

    They should rename this to "Design your own OP hybrid class" thread to be honest.

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    what the fuck
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowf0x
    math has nothing to do with a game that is based on RNG.

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    well, it sounds interesting for me, id play it...

    however,some people also consider me weird ...

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    Back to topic, how do you like Spiritus idea of a feral setup on this? How do you think it would work out? Please no more reply's about my original post since it's been stated 5 times already it's a bad idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpiritusVex
    ...and Feral is "ment" to be a tanking spec. Oh wait...

    But truthfully, this is not the answer for someone who wants to DPS with holy spells. The best shot at this is making the holy dps spells, talents, and glyphs that priests have already work viably as feral dps was made viable for druids.
    Druids are lucky that they can do two things from the one tree, like Death Knights and such. But, this topic is about Priests.

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