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    Re: Holyform

    wouldnt it be a great option for nerfing disci in pvp by not touching shadow?

    Wanna be disci, then u got to be in holyform which means that u cant cast fear<haha> so it wouldnt be so OP in chaining cc with rogue, no shadowfiend - finaly something to fix their mana<well then druids should be nerfed also in mana regen>, no dots<no more marking rogues>, no MC<another cc>, no SW<no more canceling CCs by SWing>

    That's ofc joke coz it would be too Under pwrd, but well some changes might be quite good in mentioned holyform :P

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    Re: Holyform

    i'm a druid, and trust me when i say you definitely dont want this.

    it'll end up making you even more one dimensional when it comes to pvp. tree of life is so good that it makes it awfully dangerous and difficult to find your moments to be offensive. and that still means moments where ya gotta spend mana when ya do to go back to tree of life.

    so basically the healer form you're asking for will make you the same healer you are now but without the offensive capability, and in order to achieve the same offensive choices you have now, you'd have to dump form to do so, and waste mana to go back into holy form to be the same effective healer you are now.

    also, when other players see ya drop tree form, they have an idea what you're up to...that makes it easier for them to counter what you're doing. remember, knowing is half the battle...go Joe! as it is now, you can mana burn, shackle pets and more without automatically showing your hand by dropping out of a form.

    now personally, i'd love to see priests have a healer form to put priests more on par with druids but if i were a priest, i just couldnt go for it. so pray Blizz never implements something like this.

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    Re: Holyform

    [Holy Form] Empowers you with holy power making your flash heals instant cast but gives them a 6 second cool down, increases healing and haste by 5%, allows the priest to stack renew up to 3 times but only on one target at a time. While in this form you cannot use shadow spells except for psychic scream and shadow fiend. increases movement speed by 15%.
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    Re: Holyform

    I'm going to agree with most of the sentiment already expressed in this thread, that Holy Priests are already fairly well balanced, so any Holy Form talent would essentially have to take some other talents, squeeze them into the form, and then Holy loses some of it's viability. And while that's not the only way it can be done, I expect that's how Blizzard would do it because it would otherwise require a complete overhaul and rebalance of the class.

    I do, however, think that it's something that, if done well, could help solve Holy's lack of PVP viability and potentially even make a Smite spec viable. Perhaps they could roll a talent like Spiritual Guidance into it (so that it's also good for Healing), along with some offensive abilities (like 100% Crit damage for Smite, and Holy Fire), maybe something that's good for both (like some mana longevity, or Haste, or Crit), and some defensive abilities (like damage reduction). I could see some neat things being done with it, where they could make the Holy tree much like the Feral Tree, except choosing between dps and healing talents rather than dps and tanking. But they'd but they'd have to be very careful not to just make it feel like a rip off of Shadowform, which I think is the primary reason it's never gotten any real consideration.

    But really, when it comes down to it, it's really just a graphical effect for a balance mechanic (as explained earlier with the utility loss for Shadow Priests). So, really, I'd just rather they put the nifty graphical effects on our tiered gear, and leave us with our utility.

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    Re: Holyform

    Quote Originally Posted by Spurlij
    In my mind, I imagine this being a sweet talent similar to Shadowform but for holy obviously. Does anyone else wish we had something like this too? And if not, why not?
    This is such a new, innovative idea. By bows and applaud.


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    Re: Holyform

    I re-iterate:

    Why would anyone want to not use shadow spells?

    I kinda like my fade and my shadowfiend. I kinda like to be able to dot up the mob, boss or whatever while spamhealing myself like crazy. I kinda like to be able to pull off a fear, mind control or shackle as a healer. I like to be able to fade whenever I want to.

    Why would anyone want to not use shadow spells?

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    Re: Holyform

    no. just no.

    try playing a resto druid at 80 granted it is fine in pve

    but in pvp we can't cc

    why would u like no shadow spells in pvp lol

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    Re: Holyform

    holy form would be win!!
    i for one would love to greater heal for 30k and solo heal 25man raids...

    but srsly WHAT would holyform be?? we heal awesome we are fine as we are we dont need somethin that boosts our already large heals...

    Quote Originally Posted by killarth
    no. just no.

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    Re: Holyform

    Quote Originally Posted by Spurlij
    In my mind, I imagine this being a sweet talent similar to Shadowform but for holy obviously. Does anyone else wish we had something like this too? And if not, why not?
    Didn't even read thread, suggested to often, brain hurts.


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    Re: Holyform

    the only form u may want to look into are:
    narfoggen elixer
    ninja outfit
    any other costumes etc that u wish to use to make u look funny

    we do not need a form to make us healer better. if u do....reroll =D

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    Re: Holyform

    Quote Originally Posted by Melissa
    Thats a good idea what about:

    Holy Form

    Increases healing done by 5% and increases haste rating by 5%. You cannot use shadow spells while in Holy Form. All healing critical chance have 20% chance to cast a clearcasting.

    something about that what do you think of it?
    Nah, if I got it right, Holyform is supposed to help wannabe-holy-dps'ers, it should be something like:

    "Holy Form: Assume a Holyform, increasing the critical strike damage bonus from your Holy spells by 100%, and all critical healing spells have a 20% chance to give you a Clearcasting state, allowing you to cast spells while moving".

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    Re: Holyform

    Just a slight sidenote, the only reason Holy Form is cool is because it looks cool, other than that it's complete and utter trash! So don't implement it, just become an engineer!

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    Re: Holyform

    Quote Originally Posted by NaitFury
    Just a slight sidenote, the only reason Holy Form is cool is because it looks cool, other than that it's complete and utter trash! So don't implement it, just become an engineer!
    htf can it LOOK cool??? it doesnt exist! LOLZ

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    Re: Holyform

    Quote Originally Posted by sbradly1986
    htf can it LOOK cool??? it doesnt exist! LOLZ
    Ok here for the lesser beings amongst us:

    Imagine shadowform....

    Think of happy stuff


    Holyform profit.

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    Re: Holyform

    the ONLY reason (and im not condoning this reason btw) that ppl may actually look at this an think "yea id love that". are the ppl the seem to want a holy dps spec, holyform is not reqd and not needed to heal, and if u want to dps...go shadow

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    Re: Holyform

    I like holy dps but i'm not thinking holyform. Blizzard has clearly stated that they will not implement such talent into our trees. I would dig up the facepalm thread signed by blizzard on the official forums but that's a bit too much work for me at the moment.

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    Re: Holyform

    Quote Originally Posted by Danner
    Forms/stances are there for one reason: to limit your choices, and to prevent you from being overpowered.

    A priest in shadowform cannot cast holy spells. That's barring the priest from half of the potential of the class! A major downside, but instead offering the ability to do pretty much what a warlock can do. Except for the pets. And good fears. And the good dots ... frankly, why anyone would want to be a shadowpriest when the perfect alternative is called warlock is beyond me, but I guess I'm breaking some sacriledge here by saying that.
    But you got all purple 'n shit. :B

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    Re: Holyform

    Holyform sounds awesome. Nerf priest healing by 15% and give it back when they go into holyform, but it blocks all their offensive skills.
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    Re: Holyform

    Quote Originally Posted by NaitFury
    other than that it's complete and utter trash!
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    Re: Holyform

    I normally never do this kind of things, but reading things likes this make me sad.
    It are ideas like you make that makes Blizz ignoring some good and actually helpfull class ideas.

    If i was a GM and saw an idea that just added a glow without even saying what it does, i would not feel like reading any other topic sugestions...

    Make a talent tree, give it some information about what it can and can't do and it might be possible to consider in a far far distance.

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