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    Quote Originally Posted by Izenhart
    Nah, if I got it right, Holyform is supposed to help wannabe-holy-dps'ers, it should be something like:

    "Holy Form: Assume a Holyform, increasing the critical strike damage bonus from your Holy spells by 100%, and all critical healing spells have a 20% chance to give you a Clearcasting state, allowing you to cast spells while moving".

    31 Point talent instead of Lolwell, Lolwell base Spell.
    I would keep lolwell where it is.

    but put holyform where spirit of redemption is now, and push spirit of redemption to the side with the requirement of holyform and make it a 3point talent, increases spirit by 2/4/6% and 100% chance on death to become spirit of redemption.

    Remove spiritual healing and incorporate it into holyform. thus holyform:

    Increases the effect of your holyspells by 10%, but you cannot cast shadowspells in this form.

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    To all priests thinking that holyform is a good idea, please hand in your shadowfiend, shackle undead and fade buttons at the desk.
    You do not want them, and there are multiple starving priests in westfall that do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shags the penguin
    isn't you normal form just holy form ?
    What would be the point ?
    Think he is imagening something like druids healing form, that increases your healing or something

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