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    Re: what kind of effective hps do you discs put out

    Quote Originally Posted by Raptorg
    Disc priests are not about big heals and high hps.

    Pointless topic.

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    Re: what kind of effective hps do you discs put out

    If I'm all out healing a single tank I've seen my recount shoot up as high as 3.2k heals/sec for a fight. This doenst account for shields or anything but but all out I would guess the real number to be arround 3.5-4k. Getting that high I was shielding random players for haste and using PI on myself in 25man Emulon solo healing the adds tank. (He ended up dying when I went OOM, other heals in the pug really dropped the ball)

    During the average raid fight I rarely see my Heals/sec go above 1500 and I'm really not concerned when it drops below 1000. It just depends how the fights work out, I'm not in raid to show off numbers but add utility. I ushually try to keep my dots on the bosses and Holy fire when its up, I'll pop Pain suppression when the tank is on full and throw out a Hymn of Hope or crank out mind sear on trash mobs where the other healers can take over. I'll never top any of the charts but I know I carry my weight espically when a dps who is about to go down gets a shield in time for a druid or pally to bring him to full xD

    The best stat to judge a raiding Disc Priest in a raid is going to be activity. I tend to be at the top right next to the tanks since I'm constantly casting something and haste from shields makes casting faster than most classes.

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