I've been a raiding shadowpriest for about 3 years and played few arenas as shadow as we were just not competitive. I've recently stepped into arenas as disc for the first time, partnering with a Ret pally just trying to get 1850 weapon. This is actually the first time I've ever specced disc.

Things are going ok, but I think it's my play that's holding us back. So used to playing really offensive and aggressive trying to add to the pressure with dots and sw:d and I end up getting myself in trouble with mana or get caught out in the open trying to force a fear.

Question: is the Ret Pally/Disc Priest set up a real defensive set up? Should I just be dispelling, PW:S, Penance, renew, PoM, stay los, getting a double fear in when I can, and bursting only when we get a repentance>fear chain going?

My instinct is to really push things - I would have been a great melee.

I'm a noob at pvp, just missed the glory days of shadow and was always too stubborn to switch.