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    Trying to arena, need some ideas

    Ok, so primarily i'm a raider. However, I do also like to enjoy some arenas from time to time. The problem runs into that i'm used as a healer or shadow depending on the day/fight in 25 uld. I tried to alleviate this by building this somewhat hybrid spec of dps/arena, but I think that maybe it could be better.


    I'm mainly just looking for something that I can get by in arenas with that doesn't gimp my shadow dps too much. I run in mostly deadly glad gear, 1 or 2 pieces of furious/hateful. I'm not expecting to top 2300 or anything, but getting up around 2k wouldn't hurt either.

    I run with a resto druid, which is weird I know. I understand that i'd probably do better with a holy pally or some form of melee, but that's not the question i'm asking. Any light you guys can shed is appreciated, try to keep the flaming to a minimum. (lol)

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    Re: Trying to arena, need some ideas

    Hmm, the spec isn't bad, Psychic Horror is probably worth picking up, but I don't know a whole lot about Shadow PvP. Check out Menismyforte's videos.

    If you're playing as Shadow in Arena, you should play with a Rogue. It's pretty much the only decent team with a Shadow Priest on it in 2s.

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