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    arms warrior issues

    me and a friend run DK/priest. short but simple warriors destroy the priest everytime. so taking it to the priest forums to figure out what we can do currently the priest has 857 resilence and 20.4K health without fort.

    he;s currently running this build: http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?prie...0&version=9947

    maybe...just maybe blizzard will realize one day that you think naming a tree blood they would have at least one crappy bleed effect in it...

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    Re: arms warrior issues

    It also depends on what the warrior is with. All i would try is keeping chains of ice on the warrior as much as possible, and have your partner call out for death grip when the warrior is putting on alot of pressure.
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    Re: arms warrior issues

    I'm pretty sure you'd go far with just peeling the Warrior off the priest and actually sticking to him all the fight, making it to a manawar. Last time I checked DK's do pretty well against Warriors, was a while ago I played against DK's though. If it still works though, you should be on him at all times and taking advantage of your priest fearing the Warriors healer, mana burning etc.

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    Re: arms warrior issues

    just looked at the spec, really dont know if this is the answer, but Divine Aegis isnt worth it pvp wise, you hardly have any crit on priest pvp-gear. And a single point in Grace should be enough, you cast spells more often than every 15 sec, and will def. proc grace.
    Then you take those three points and put them in Blessed Recovery (Holy Tree). That might give the priest the surviability that he/she need for that next Warrior. Especially with a HoT ticking and perhaps a shield coming up, fast penance and your back at 100% percent.

    this build works out quite well for me..
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    Re: arms warrior issues

    Yeah, tanking warriors is just a real bitch of a time. Unless you get great peeling or great pressure for their healer to peel, youre gonna have to just kinda deal with it. Depending on the situation, popping cooldowns is really the only thing that will work. try to maneuver to their healer when you drop a fear and then quickly LoS the warrior as he zerker's out of the fear, the small distance is huge when they cant intercept.
    Shields are amazing vs MS effects, but still, you will probably die just standing still shield/penance/flashing yourself, the output is just too low sometimes. The worst part is that it isn't a short-term weathering the storm, they wont run OOM or energy, they will just do slightly less damage until the next CD is up. positioning is everything and putting pressure on their teammate is key to stop the MS-train. I have had games where we just get clusterfucked because I am spamcasting constantly while getting manaburned and its just over fast.

    In short. Kite them, even though they close distance well, they will EVENTUALLY run out of ways to do that and then its just a pillar-humping challenge to LoS.
    Get your dps class to slow even if it isn't a full peel. If its war/druid, the mana battle will get negative quickly unless you can put pressure on the druid. If its a double DPS with an arms warr, then popping PS early is necessary unless your team can get control. I had a warrior/destro lock team explode my team because i didn't PS before the first hit, sometimes its just too fast and your healing isnt worth shit.

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    Re: arms warrior issues

    atm im just basically stalking the warrior. and yea seem to do great agaist warriors. there seems to be no point in trying to rage starve a warrior anymore. we played 3 druid games since iv posted lost 2 and won one. the very last game we lost 16 points tho ><
    and the druid had 5% mana when my priest died i did 470K over the 239K warrior but atlas i think the druids mana regan won.

    anyway thanks for the help and any more would be appreciated
    maybe...just maybe blizzard will realize one day that you think naming a tree blood they would have at least one crappy bleed effect in it...

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