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    Disc Haste Cap

    I understand the idea of the "haste cap" is that we don't want to waste stat points on haste that would waste effort trying to push the GCD below the limit of 1s. What I don't get are the numbers. Using the formulas on wowwiki and EJ, I would need 50% haste to push the GCD from 1.5s down to the limit of 1s, effectively hitting the "cap".

    Borrowed Time: 25%
    Enlightenment: 6%
    Gear: 19%
    TOTAL: 50% CAP

    19% haste at 32.79 rating per percent increase (level 80) would take 623 Haste Rating.

    Tracking the GCD exactly is kind of tough, but I believe flash heal is affected by haste the same way, and I'm getting 1.0 second flash heals with only about 270 haste. By my calculations I should be getting 1.16 second flash heals and GCD, but it looks like I'm already at the cap. Is there some factor I'm missing, or is flash heal affected by something extra and I'm not at GCD cap yet?

    On a side note, is it possible to push flash heal below 1s? GCD would prevent another cast right away, but would it be a possible means to increase reaction time or are spellcasts capped too?

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    Re: Disc Haste Cap

    Quote Originally Posted by WoWiki
    NewCastTime = BaseCastTime * ( ( 1 + HasteRating / ( RatingConversion * 100 ) ) ^ -1 )


    To reduce the global cooldown to an arbitrary value of 1 second, it would take 50% haste or a haste rating of:
    BaseCastTime = 1.5
    RatingConversion = 32.79 at level 80
    desired BaseCastTime = 1.0
    require HasteRating = 1639.5 = 50% Haste at level 80

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    Re: Disc Haste Cap

    So do I, and my game experience seems like I'm capped a lot easier then 19%, but I can't find any explanation or formula to explain why, hence this thread ;D

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    Re: Disc Haste Cap

    Presuming you're talking about normal raid situations, you'll also have 8% from buffs; 5% from Wrath of Air & 3% from Moonkin/Ret Pally.

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    Re: Disc Haste Cap

    haste talents dont show on your char pane i dont think like hit rating

    so for disc priest u have 6% enlightment 3% moonkin aura 5% wrath of air 25% borrowed time

    so you only need 11% to hit the GCD cap after casting PWS

    ofc penance will never be a 1 sec cast, so if you find yourself well under the 1 sec GCD swap to GH under lust conditions, but you owuld still be limited by the GCD after casting PWS so id say soft cap is 11%

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    Re: Disc Haste Cap

    lol i used everything on my shammy and got my lhw down to .587 sec cast

    (Insert something witty about me being in beta)
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    Sounds like someone got turned down for a date by a dragon aspect.
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    Re: Disc Haste Cap

    Haste stacks multiplicative not additive. Borrowed time + Enlightenment is not 25% + 6%, its 25% * 6%.

    Assuming Borrowed Time, Enlightenment, Wrath of Air, and either Moonkin Aura or Ret Aura it works out to.

    1.5 / 1.25 (BT) / 1.06 (EN) / 1.05 (WA) / 1.03 (MA/RA) = 1.0468 rounded

    So after all constant raid buffs applied a 1.5 sec cast becomes 1.0468 when BT is up. Meaning you need 4.7% haste from gear assuming all raid buffs to get 1.5 to 1.0 with BT, which is about 154 haste rating. This is not hard to obtain. If you want to assume you are missing a particular buff, just remove it from the above equation and recalculate to get the percentage haste you need without it. Note that during Bloodlust / Heroism you are under the haste soft cap just with BT before factoring in anything else.

    For clarification on the multiplicative factor, your haste rating counts as one entire entity when factoring this in. Two pieces of gear with haste stack additive to give you a haste rating that you then apply multiplicative to cast time.

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    Re: Disc Haste Cap

    Quote Originally Posted by fizikz
    um. 33% haste would take a 1.5 second GCD to 1.0 seconds... not 50%
    doesn't work that way. 100% haste would mean you are casting twice as fast, so a 1.5 second cast would become a .75 second cast with 100% haste. When you spellsteal haste buffs off npc's (like in ZA, there is one for 200% haste), your spells don't become instant cast

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