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    Spriest Rotation??

    Whats a Good rotation to maxamize Spriest dps?

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    Re: Spriest Rotation??

    same as anyother DPS, refresh your DoTs as soon as they fall off, keep your main nuke on CD, use your filler when you have nothing else to do.
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    Re: Spriest Rotation??

    The Rotation that i use is as so:

    VT| DP| SW:P| MB | SW| MF[until MB or SW is up.] From there, i just mindflay whenever the nukes are down, and renew VT and DP. The main part of the Dps, is to not renew your dots too early. Since you cant renew DP while its on cooldown, and SW:P is renewed my Mindflay, you have to time the VT renew just right, try to make that final tick hit the mob just as you renew it. that would maximize your dps.
    Now, that may or may not make sense to anyone, but its how i do it =D

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    Re: Spriest Rotation??

    Well, as much as I'm looking for a more suitable way of pulling more dps, right now I'm looking at between 2600 and 3100 with:
    (note: this is on boss)
    VE - VT - SW:P - MB - DP (SW next rotation to fill for DP cooldown) - MFx3 - MFx1-2 - MB - MFx3 - MFx1 - rinse - repeat

    Now, there are other ways, such as one I read saying you shouldn't put on SW:P until you have about 4-5 Shadow Weaving stacked. The rotation I saw, however, ended up taking my dps lower.

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    Re: Spriest Rotation??

    Take SW out of your rotation and only SWP when you have 5 stacks of Shadow Weaving bigbooty. SWP only gets the bonus if it is initially cast with all the buffs up. SWD is generally considered out of our rotation now bar a few special situations (movement with nothing else to cast, 1.5 seconds left on mind blast cd but only 1 second left on flay's cast etc)

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    Re: Spriest Rotation??

    hmm the rotation i use is
    VE first thing if fight needs it, refreshing after it falls off
    (beginning of fight)
    2x MF, clip second one(to get 5 stacks of shadow weaving)

    vt, sw, then dp

    MB then 2x MF(depending on haste, I have 404 + 4 piece T8, a little more and ill be doing 3 MF's) then MB/MF till i need to refresh VT or DP

    i generally pull 4-6k dps

    on mimiron hard mode ive been pull 4200 and there is alot of moving

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    Re: Spriest Rotation??

    I really have no idea how you can miss 2nd from the top topic that says "Shadow Priest DPS 101". Learn to read.
    I'll be as kind to provide you with the link there - http://www.mmo-champion.com/index.php?topic=53036.0
    It tells you everything you need to know, if you can be bothered to spend 5 minutes reading it.

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