Good (insert current time here) of the WoW class forums.

In an effort to compile a list of helpful, class-specific sites for a future blog, I am asking for your help.

Now, as an avid raider, I am constantly on the lookout for information; be it for my main or even for my lowly little alts. I'm constantly curious on ways to up my DPS, TPS, or HPS. I'm ever faithful in looking to see what stats are better for tanking, or which piece of gear will help me break that 5k DPS barrier (okay, that's a lie, I despise Ret).

I think you get the point. Most of us know the major sites like EJ or Tankspot, but I'm looking for the smaller sites and blogs that consist of dedicated players trying to hash out the math or compile the BiS loot list.

What blogs do you read that has good ideas and knows the class in and out? What sites dedicate themselves to working towards a better understanding of a tree (like

I'm interested in any and everything you have. I will look at them all (though they may not make the list) and add them as I see fit.

Thank you in advance,

<Cosbowned> of Stormscale-US