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    Yet another Shadow PVP suggestion thread

    Hey guys, I know this is probably the 500th Shadow PVP suggestion but I just wanted to get these off my chest.

    Soo, flame away!

    New Spell:
    Shadow Bondage ( or something less disturbing, got the idea from http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=7761)
    0.5 sec cast (so you wont be able to cast it in the air)
    low cost mana
    Snares both the target and the caster for X amount of time.
    Perhaps make it physical so it could go through CloS

    Another idea that I got, although not as original as the other, was too add an Disarm effect to Dispersion to anyone who hits you while it's active.

    In addition, melee and ranged attacks made against you while Dispersion is active have a 100% chance to disarm your attacker's main hand and ranged weapons.

    What do you think?

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    Re: Yet another Shadow PVP suggestion thread

    Why did you bother making another new thread when there is one about this exact same topic already on the front page of the Priests forum?

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