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    Disc Eff. Damage Negation Meters

    Hi everyone.

    i`m new to the forum (member wise) been reading here for months tho.

    Seen alot of people that wants a possibility to see how mutch disc benefits the raid, taken in mind:

    Power Word: Shield, Rank 14 (Holy)
    Inspiration, Rank 3 (Holy)
    Divine Aegis, Rank 1 (Holy)

    Here is a "Event Horizon Fight Statistics" report (http://aukra.org/fight_11_healOverview.html) we had some attemts on Iron council 25-man Hard-Mode.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Disc Eff. Damage Negation Meters

    It seems like a valid overview of how much damage gets ignored on an average bossfight, it still misses the min/average/max absorbed. while this isnt possible for inspiration, it surely is for divine aegis and powerword:shield.

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    Re: Disc Eff. Damage Negation Meters

    Didnt really think about that. i`ll suggest it to the Dev pepole.


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    Re: Disc Eff. Damage Negation Meters

    As disc you just have to live with the fact that you won't be highest on the healing meter, but that you have saved people and possibly even the raid several times over
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    Re: Disc Eff. Damage Negation Meters

    Couldetn get the link to work so used fight 1 instead http://aukra.org/fight_1_healOverview.html

    You healed 273k and absorbed 274k. Total nr 1 but if they only looked at healing you where nr 6.

    Yes absorbtion is the silent winner ^^
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    Re: Disc Eff. Damage Negation Meters

    Ah, ye sorry i forgott to mention that i upload new statistics for every raid, i have not had the time to make a main page yet so i have a history, but it wil be done. Now updated from yesterday, had Deconstructor to 3% hard mode, then he enraged..

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