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    PVP Gear as a Priest

    Hello !

    ive just leveled my third priest (dont ask why)
    and im scouting through the endless PVP Gear possibilities that has been added since i played priest in tbc.

    should a discipline priest go for Subjugation (+haste) Salvation (+mp5) Dominance (+Crit) Deliverance (+spirit) ?
    PVP-wise of course.

    i appologize if this question has been asked multiple times.
    any help is appriciated

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    Re: PVP Gear as a Priest

    Depends on play style. Spirit is a waste, totally, unless you're holy.

    Crit is unreliable, haste is nice to stack, and mp5 is good for longevity builds.

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    Re: PVP Gear as a Priest

    2's you probably want mana regen stats

    3's you need to heal for as fast and as much as possible because its going to be over long before you've blown you mana cooldowns, so i value crit and haste equally.

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    Re: PVP Gear as a Priest

    It depends on your gear...

    and somone did say spirit is a wast unless your holy..well now we know we shouldnt follow his advice any time.

    but really..its not that easy so u can ask whats best and somone say "crit is best" and thats how it is ><

    depends on your gear, your spec and who you play with and also how you play. so I dont know, but for some reason I think it can be good if you link your amory..

    but if u got less then 5% hit, get the hit one that u didnt even say ;p


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