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    Yogg 10 Hardmodes

    Hey guys.

    My guild raids 25 uldar and we just got Yogg25 down last week.

    Tho we are also working on 10s just to see what the hardmodes are like and to get some strats down and what not.

    We have yet to do Yogg 10 with 3,2,1 keepers. But with all 4 keepers up we smash through it cos we outgear the instance.

    I was thinking of trying to convice us to go str8 for 2 keepers, Dropping out Mimi and Hodir.

    My question is, How much harder is it without 1 Keeper let alone 2 or 3.

    Would Mimiron be the best to not use if we are going for 3keepers up?

    I dont want to get any BS "1 keeper is e z mode you suck" crap.

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    Re: Yogg 10 Hardmodes

    Id say just go straight for 1 Light. its pretty much exactly the same at 4 Light. Its a joke. As long as you know what youre doing, your bottom is relatively quick, you dont send a healer down, and you leave Thorim up, then its pretty much exactly the same as 4/3 Light.

    The only thing you might have trouble with on 1 Light is keeping your Sanity up. Just dont look at the skulls on bottom, and turn away early on phase 3, then no one should go insane.

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    Re: Yogg 10 Hardmodes

    first drop Hodir, extra 20% hp and GS isnt needed.
    then drop Mimiron, 20% movent speed and slowing those caster tentacles.
    freya as 3rd since sanity wells isnt needed but it wont allow fails.
    take Thorim off as last one, since he will kill those adds in phase3 and if you have thorim up you can use just one tank instead of 2.

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    Re: Yogg 10 Hardmodes

    my 10man group 1 shot yogg-3 the first time we got it, oddly enough it was also our undying kill lol. just leave thorim up, be super fast on brain links, get away from death coil'd people, and dont look at the skulls.

    one of the easier hardmodes in ulduar as the fight itself doesn change much, unlike mimiron
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    Re: Yogg 10 Hardmodes

    I guess we could always try with just Thorium and if we are having issues with Sanity or needing Saves then we could just get another keeper in.

    So in 10s your group doesnt send any healers into the brain room?

    How much melee do you take?

    We normally have 3 Melee, 1 tank, 2 heals, 4 ranged.

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    Re: Yogg 10 Hardmodes

    we did it with just 2 healers, 1 tank, 2 melees and 5 casters.

    btw, one important thing in phase 2 is to avoid deadcoil jumps, since it will decress 12 sanity from every jump and it will jump endless if someone is enough close, so keep little bit distance and open your eyes 8)

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    Re: Yogg 10 Hardmodes

    we usually have our DK tank go DPS.

    send him, our ret pally, fury warrior, and either our ele sham for lust or boomkin for lol starfall> brainroom down stairs.

    always get brain in 2 phases, 1 when we did speedkill last weekend.

    rest of the group consists of myself(prot warrior), Spriest, holy/disc priest, holy pally, mage.

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    If memory serves me right, a fox is a female wolf.

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    Re: Yogg 10 Hardmodes

    In terms of Strat is it just the same thing?

    p1 kill adds on sarah

    p2 ranged kill crushers melee kill brain

    p3 smack yogg, melee on yogg+ adds?

    Is there anything that Yogg does extra?

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    Re: Yogg 10 Hardmodes

    With mimiron down you need to have people more active about dispelling and top dps needs to knock out lil tenties. also the loss of run speed has a dramatic impact on your dps in some key spots.

    With freya down your healing is worse (big deal in p3) and obviously, you can go insane

    With thorim down you have to deal with truly immortal adds in p3

    With hodir down you need to watch debuffs in p1 (since people get exploded much more easily), p3 is harder and there's much less margin for error overall

    Obviously your dps suffers etc etc

    Mimiron > Hodir > Freya > Thorim generally speaking.

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    Re: Yogg 10 Hardmodes

    25man with less keepers he does an aoe silence, this ability is not present in 10man

    option1: drop freya first to teach ppl to manage sanity

    option2 and what 95% of the community does: drop hodir first

    doing 2 helping is a waste of time, and skip right to only thorim helping after you can do 1 sitting out, in 10man its realy no different once you can manage sanity
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