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    Priest Twink

    So i want to twink a healing Priest and i have a couple of questions.

    1) What race? I'm thinking Night Elf but i am open to options on both Horde and Alliance

    2) What level bracket? At what point would you say priests rock? I am thinking maybe 29 or 39 so i can abuse the new 1.5s Mount Cast as well as other reasons.

    3) Spec? Discipline seems good for higher levels so Holy?

    Thanks for all future help. Also linking your Priest twinks armory would help a lot.

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    Re: Priest Twink

    At lower levels, you will be very squishy, and with the new mechanics of twinks with experiance turned off only fighting against other twinks, you will be killed before you have a chance to defend yourself most of the time. Your defensie and healing spells will not have the talents to back them up at earlier levels, so if you are going through with this I would suggest level 39 so you have a few more options to pick up. Can you link the talent builds you were thinking of using?
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    Re: Priest Twink

    At 39 i was thinking something along the lines of

    this is more oriented toward survival while still being able to keep myself and someone else up.

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    Re: Priest Twink

    You go OOM pretty quick in the bg's at 39, I have a disc priest in that bracket.

    Imp mana burn is nice when you are trying to shut down someone that is almost oom, but you won't make a difference on a full mana target, not worth the 2 pts imo.

    Decent 39 priests I've seen in my fail Emberstorm bg (BoA shoulders, staff, and mana trinket) (also BoA items)

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    Re: Priest Twink

    Thanks for those armory links that first one has answered practically all my questions except for one.

    When i turn of XP from BG thats XP from all sources, including dungeons and quests and stuff right.

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    Re: Priest Twink

    supposedly, yes.

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