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    Disc against Warriors. What to do?

    Hello, im here to try to figure out how to stand alive agains a warrior arms nowdays as discipline. I keep trying, but they always do more damage than i can heal on myself.... i do 2v2 with a rogue, and seriously we dont know what to do. Warriors can solo melee without peel, and with peel the druid can just sit heal and drink and we can do nothing about it. I know, im asking because its hard for me, and i really would like to get some advices on that, because i have no clue =/
    I could mention dk+druid, but its just ridiculous we cant beat them at all =p, so would be happy with warrior + druid help. thanks for your time

    ps. dont flame me, i just want to know what im doing wrong.

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    Re: Disc against Warriors. What to do?

    u and rogue must very agressive dps warrior... use all CD for max burst together in one time on dismantled warrior and feared druid, huh?. , or maybe pillar dancing together... u can try lure war behing pillar = for easiest fear/burn druid..
    try warcraftmovies.com, 1000 videos high ranked priest+rogue muset be there.

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    Re: Disc against Warriors. What to do?

    you`re a priest , start praying mate . when the Bladestorm comes you need to put down your staff and do this :


    I`m not flaming , seriously some teams /classes you simply can`t do nothing about. It`s like saying : "i`m 15 years old and i want to kick the ass of a 30 years old dude that keeps slapping me in the face". anwser is the same : "You can`t do it child" unless of course your neighborhood drug dealer gives you a gun / blizard gives you a really op anti-melee dps spell. But even then you might need to learn how to use it .

    Really NOT flaming , it`s a sarcastic way of saying "mate , maybe it`s time to move on, you will not 100% win a fight against that combo no matter what you do"

    Take care , do fitness and not drugs !

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    Re: Disc against Warriors. What to do?

    If your rogue goes combat, then you'll annihilate warrior / dk / ret teams. Spam dispel on the warrior, be ready to pop suppression when warrior starts to bladestorm and spam heal whichever of you 2 is getting owned. And trust me, combat rogue will slap any plate / mail wearer hard.
    However, there are other problems with combat rogues..

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    Re: Disc against Warriors. What to do?

    Be sure that your rogue uses feint on bladestorm.

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    Re: Disc against Warriors. What to do?

    I play with a Wlock so what we usually do maybe doesn´t work for you guys, but you could try them out I guess.

    If the warrior goes for me and I am at a good state mana and HP wise I usually try to kite/dps the warrior so he is out of LoS from his healer. I believe I can only do this with my high resil gear (1100 resilience, 25k HP) or he will definetly outlast me and waste my mana.

    What you could try also is fully DOTing the warrior and maybe get some help from your rogue with garrote/rupture and let the dots tick for as long as possible and then u release Mind Control as your rogue blinds their healer and opens up on the warrior with DPS assistance from you. This usually works pretty well for us and may even win the match if the warrior is not aware.

    Also keeping check on the warriors CD for Overpower is said to be a good way of getting max heals up (because Overpower comes with a debuff reducing Spellpower by 50% or something). I personally don´t have time for doing this and if I try all I do is end up in trouble. But it´s an option for sure.
    and for the guys who didnt read the latest hmm about 5? retpaladin changes, they arent fotm anymore since long, fotm right now is warlock and priest obviously...

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    Re: Disc against Warriors. What to do?

    read this

    should give you some idea what to do againt warr/druid
    make sure your rogue reads it too.

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    Re: Disc against Warriors. What to do?

    Try dueling some warriors to get the hang of tanking them. Typically if I can't beat them by the time they bladestorm the second time I lose (PS cd is longer than BS, which is BS ofc, olol). You want to be very offensive. Dot them up off the bat and pew pew. I even use shadowfiends as a dps cooldown vs warriors. Some of the wins I've had vs warrior+healer teams have been from luring a horny warrior behind a pillar and having my way with him, with my fiend taking him from behind.

    There are a few things to watch out for though. Look at his buffs and dont cast if he has taste for blood up, they love to overpower penance, which means gg. They also love to use charge to interrupt penance, which can mean gg in a bad situation. Due to server lag and stuff charge looks like it has a tiny minimum range, so if he's not on your face chomping, chances are he's about to charge/intercept and interrupt whatever your casting.

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