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    Guardian Spirit on Hard Mode IC?

    Hey all,

    was just wondering if anyone tried to GS the tank that's about to die with the debuff on steelbreaker. I'd like to know exactly what happens when you did it and maybe a WMO/WWS of it. We were thinking today that if he came back to life 50% (like GS does) then maybe steelbreaker wouldnt regain health or increase his damage. It would be a little broken I admit but I cannot for the life of me find a WWS or WMO parse of a preist using GS on the tank right before they died to the debuff.


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    Re: Guardian Spirit on Hard Mode IC?

    bubble, iceblock etc dont prevent death from the explosion, i can only assume GS is the same, although i havent tried (or heard of people trying) GS
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    Re: Guardian Spirit on Hard Mode IC?

    It dies anyway, no matter what you do.
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    Re: Guardian Spirit on Hard Mode IC?


    First link. Was it really that hard?

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    Re: Guardian Spirit on Hard Mode IC?

    No. The tank will die anyway.

    Use your GS on the new tank just before he taunts to provide the healing bonus and the possible life saving heal as Steelbreaker will be hitting harder now that tank #1 has died.

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    Re: Guardian Spirit on Hard Mode IC?

    hehe, let me google it for you
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    Re: Guardian Spirit on Hard Mode IC?

    It doesn't. We did a bit of research into this when we were trying it, and when the tank explodes it doesn't actually do any damage, therefore cannot be prevented. In the combat log, it simply says something like "Whatever its called Instantly Kills whoever".
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    Re: Guardian Spirit on Hard Mode IC?

    The only thing GS will save will be someone standing too close to the tank when he goes Kaboom! It is useful for the 2nd/3rd tanks though if your healers are a little slow.

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