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    PvP Disc Priest gemming question

    5/5 hateful but what gems to use? input is loved <3

    click my wow card to view armory.... dont QQ about current gems they were dirt cheap and used for pve xD

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    Re: PvP Disc Priest gemming question

    ;D > 8) ??? : :P :-[ :-X :-\ :-* :'(


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    Re: PvP Disc Priest gemming question

    Resil stam all the way.
    Your job is not to die, healing others is ez
    I think I logged off in pvp gear if ur curious: Jubite

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    Re: PvP Disc Priest gemming question

    Resilience + stamina...that's what you want to have. And a little bit of spell power. For the off-pieces chose the ones that gives you hit rating since you will find yourself in the situation of offensive defense .
    Oh and enchant your pieces with spell power and stamina. Lose the spirit in your enchants, get a speed increase either with a meta on head or an enchant on boots. Go WG ang get your enchants for shoulders and head.
    Blessed recovery sucks, get full 3/3 rapture. Also I will replace the flash heal glyph with the PW:S one.

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    Re: PvP Disc Priest gemming question

    My Opinion :

    Yellow: 16 resi
    Blue : 12 stam / 8 resi
    Red 9 spell / 8 resi

    since resilience will be buffed to all attacks in 3.2 I would try to get as much as possible.

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