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    Re: New Priest, help with deciding race.

    Quote Originally Posted by Abandon
    Pick the race you like the look of and casting animations of. If you are sick of the sight of your character and end up not wanting to play it, an extra 5% bonus damage to beasts or 2% shadow resistance is really is not going to sway your decision.
    This is more important than people realize. I don't know if its too many years of playing a NE male priest, but i cannot stand his casting animations. I use costume trinkets as much as possible.

    That being said, I would pay good money to permanently be a Iron Dwarf.

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    Re: New Priest, help with deciding race.

    I dont know much about ally races but many pll say that human are good coz of the free trinket.

    I dont know about that. atleast I would have the same trinket as I do now even if I was human. I use the 108 resi trinket.

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    Re: New Priest, help with deciding race.

    humans also get a nice rep bonus that will come in handy quite a bit at 80.
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